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The Explode Command

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by Rodrigo Duarte:
Fundamentals | Modeling
Texturing | 7.5 Rendering
UV Mapping | Miscellaneous
7.5 Specific | 8.0 Specific
We are going to use one of the most fun tools in Strata Design 3D: the Explode modeling command. As the name suggests, this tool makes things explode in a controllable manner.
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Fundamentals of Design 3D CX 8

Getting Started Series
Fundamentals of
Design 3D CX 8 for Mac

This series of videos provides the fundamentals for new users – or users who just need a refresher. The basics are covered, including some features that are new to version 8.

These videos are part of the Getting Started series, and can also be accessed using the Design 3D CX 8 “Help” menu.

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Model a simple triangular object with a hole: Method 5

This modeling tutorial walks through a 5th method for creating a hole through a wedge shaped object, this time using a cone shaped object, using the boolean tools. It shows how to adjust the the polygon mesh in order to be subdivided. It specifically shows how to use the Move To function.
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UV Fundamentals 2 (CX v7.0 and v7.5)

This tutorial discusses fundamental concepts in UV mapping for beginners. It specifically walks through the generation of UVs from a projected texture, and then shows how to manipulate the UVs in order to get a texture to correctly adhere to the object. While this was recorded in version 7.0.7, it directly applies to version 7.5 also.
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Using an IK/Bones chain to pose a package design object (CX)

This tutorial shows how to use an IK/Bones chain to control the posing of a package design type object. It shows how to control the position of each bone and how to manually assign vertices to each bone.
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Animating in Strata Design 3D CX – 5: Taxiing Airplane

animating-smThis series deals with animating in Strata Design 3D CX. We will animate the taxiing of the plane, controlling the trajectory and aligning the plane to its path. We insist in the use of shapes for organizing our animations.
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