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Free videos for Design 3D CX

7.5 Feature Demonstration: Convert Function Enhancements

This 7.5 feature demonstration shows various productivity enhancements to the Convert function in version 7.5.

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7.5 Feature Demonstration: UV Unwrap (Conform)

This Design 3D 7.5 UV mapping tutorial demonstrates the use of the new Conform (unwrap) function using a package design type object. The new Conform function is based on a technology called Least Square Conformal Mapping.

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7.5 Wrench Project, Part 1: Handle Modeling

This is a modeling tutorial for Design 3D version 7.5. It models the handle of a wrench and demonstrates various new modeling enhancements in 7.5 notably the new Segment Edge function.

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7.5 Wrench Project, Part 3: Head UV Unwrap

This UV mapping tutorial demonstrates new UV functionality in Design 3D 7.5, using the wrench as a demonstration object. This particular tutorial looks at the head of the wrench and specifically how to apply edge cuts in order to get a good unwrap. It also demonstrates some updates to the Tolerance Weld and Convert functionality.

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