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Creating better glass using reflection recursions and Surface Shading Threshold

Viewing this tutorial requires a SubscriptionThis rendering and material tutorial shows how to get more detailed glass by working with two render parameters: Reflection Bounces and Surface Shading Threshold. It discusses the concept of incidence 0 and incidence 90 and how that relates to this threshold function, in turn affecting glass type materials.

Sports Supplement Container, Part 1

Viewing this tutorial requires a SubscriptionThis texturing tutorial shows how to configure and control several surface variables (smoothness and reflectivity) that change according to incidence angle. It specifically discusses these with respect to a dark and rough reflective plastic.

Metallic lettering, Part 2 (lighting setup)

Viewing this tutorial requires a SubscriptionThis lighting tutorial walks through the process of lighting the metallic letters. The use of glow panels and the Lightdome/HDRI are used to provide a studio like lighting environment.

Using an Image Gel to Create a Specular Highlight Only Light

Viewing this tutorial requires a SubscriptionThere are times in which we want to have specular highlights without the diffuse lighting. We can create a Specular Highlight only light with a light Gel. This will greatly reduce rendering time compared to a full specular and diffuse light.