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Model Size Reduction Strategies


Reducing the complexity of your model can be important – whether the number of objects, the polygon count, the texture size, or any combination of these. Smaller, more efficient models can improve rendering times and allow you to use the model in real-time display (such as augmented reality, web display, iBooks illustrations, etc.) and even for 3D printing. View this tutorial

7.5 Feature Demonstration: Convert Function Enhancements

This 7.5 feature demonstration shows various productivity enhancements to the Convert function in version 7.5.

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7.5 Feature Demonstration: UV Unwrap (Conform)

This Design 3D 7.5 UV mapping tutorial demonstrates the use of the new Conform (unwrap) function using a package design type object. The new Conform function is based on a technology called Least Square Conformal Mapping.

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7.5 Wrench Project, Part 1: Handle Modeling

This is a modeling tutorial for Design 3D version 7.5. It models the handle of a wrench and demonstrates various new modeling enhancements in 7.5 notably the new Segment Edge function.

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