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Sports Supplement Container, Part 2 (CX/SE)

Viewing this tutorial requires a SubscriptionThis texturing tutorial shows how to set up the underlying blue metallic design components of the label. It discusses the setup of a metallic material, describing the use of the Smoothness and anisotropy channels.

Whisk: Part 6 (texturing and rendering) (SE/CX)

Viewing this tutorial requires a SubscriptionThis beginner/intermediate tutorial shows how to texture and render the whisk. It shows how to use luminous geometry, a spot light and how to use the Fresnel interpolator. The tutorial is done in Design 3D SE7, but can also be followed in CX.

Specularity for beginners

Viewing this tutorial requires a SubscriptionThis lighting/texturing tutorial for beginners discusses the nature of specularity. While it's geared towards beginners there are a few more advanced tidbits of information are thrown in to help illustrate the nature of the specular highlight.

Setting up an alarm clock for rendering

Viewing this tutorial requires a SubscriptionThis tutorial walks through the setup, material application and rendering of an alarm clock. You'll see how to properly set up the components of the alarm clock using shapes and instances, edit some of the mesh with the polygon tools, apply some materials, and then walk through a rendering.

Creating An “In-Camera” Optical Illusion Scene

Viewing this tutorial requires a SubscriptionIn this tutorial for all levels of users, Howie reveals the secrets of building an Optical Illusion scene totally inside of Strata Design 3D SE or Design 3D CX , and inlcudes tips on scene set up, modeling, lighting and rendering.